Videos Recorded in the Auditorium of
Warrenton Independent Baptist Church

Bro. Ellis Heffington How To Know If We Love God (11/20/2013)
The Blood of Christ (12/11/2013)
Comparing Ourselves With Lazarus (6/15/2014)
Why Paul Was A Good Example To Follow (12/31/2014)
Bro. René Freret (BEAMS Bible Ministry) Never (8/17/2014)
Why Was Joseph So Blessed? (6/27/2010)
Bro. Ed Keough (Missionary To Ukraine) Bread Casting (1/15/2014)
Bro. Gerald Fielder 5 Things That Will Keep You from Becoming A Castaway (3/5/2012)
The Holy Spirit (2/15/2015)
4 Ways The Bible Is Profitable To Us (2/15/2015)
An Undisputable Conversion Experience (2/15/2015)
Four Counterfeits (2/16/2015)
Some Things We Know (2/17/2015)
Bro. George McDowell The Reputation Of The Church (7/21/2010)
Bro. Tim McVay Growing Weary Of The Lord (12/2/2009)
Bro. Andy Tully Six Tests of Your Salvation (4/27/2014)
Saved In Vain (4/8/2012)
Some Things I Want On My Record (3/14/2010)
Bro. Fred Lancaster Pressing Your Christian Reset Button (6/1/2014)
If It's Ringing, Pick It Up (9/10/2014)
America's Not Dead Yet (10/5/2014)
Where Do You Stand? (8/31/2014)
It's A Heart Issue (11/23/2014)
Bro. Roger Tooley (Missionary To Great Britain) Comments On British Missions (3/1/2009)
Standing In The Gap (3/1/2009)
Jesus' Mission (10/14/2009)
Bro. Don Anderson Casting All Your Care Upon Him For He Careth For You (10/10/2008)
Bro. Tommy Miles (BEAMS Ministry) After Death Discoveries (4/5/2009)
Bro. Steve Gregory (Rock of Ages Prison Missionary) Prison Ministry Update (10/26/2008)
How To Pray (10/26/2008)
Bro. Phil Hyland (Missionary to Australia) Personal Testimony (9/28/2008)
Do I Weary God? (9/28/2008)
Bro. Ben Andrews (Missionary to Papua New Guinea) Mission Work Summary (10/1/2008)
Why Did Christ Jesus Come Into This World? (10/1/2008)
Bro. Dan Creighton 5 Things God Wants Us To Learn (6/30/2013)
Work Of The Lord (8/29/2010)
Hindrances To Prayer (2/5/2012)
How To Be Saved - Biblicly (12/17/2008)
Evidences Of Salvation (1/18/2009)
Gifts (5/31/2009)
Unnamed Heroes Of The Bible (8/31/2014)
Bro. Marvin Curtis, Jr. God's Judgment (11/30/2014)
Effective Prayer (9/17/2008)
Characteristics of Rahab's Faith (9/21/2008)
Our Perception Of God's Love (9/21/2008)
The Reality of Hell (9/28/2008)
Why Struggles Are Worth The Trouble (10/5/2008)
Are You Watching Or Waiting? (10/5/2008)
How To Overcome Being Overwhelmed (10/8/2008)
Seed Sowing - Part 1 (10/12/2008)
Seed Sowing - Part 2 (10/12/2008)
Is The Handwriting On Your Wall? (10/19/2008)
Help In Our Prayer Life (10/22/2008)
When God Has Had Enough (10/26/2008)
Improper Priorities (11/2/2008)
Alter Of Praise (11/2/2008)
Secret Sins (4/1/2009)
Being The Person God Wants You To Be (4/5/2009)
The Day Of The Lord (4/8/2009)
He's Coming Back (4/12/2009)
After Death, What Then? (5/17/2009)
Bro. Scottee Dodson Following God (8/10/2008)
Provoke One Another To Love And Good Works (8/13/2008)
5 Ways To Know If You Are Spiritually Off Course (9/24/2008)
Coping With Life's Problems (10/30/2008)
The Narrow Way (5/17/2009)
Bro. Scott Audirsch Victory Over Temptation (God Is Faithful) (8/10/2008)
7 Christian Values (10/5/2008)
The Accuser (10/19/2008)
Bro. Robert Jenkins Repaying The Lord For His Blessings (8/10/2008)
Who Is This Jesus? (9/21/2008)
Our Need For A Modern-Day Joseph (10/12/2008)
Bro. Wayne Mund (Fishers of Men) Fish Tales (7/27/2008)
Bro. Jim Gulledge Neighborhood Missions (7/13/2008)
Walk With Me (9/3/2014)
The Ministry of Jesus (6/6/2010)
Aaron Curtis (piano) and Dan Creighton (organ) What A Change In My Life (4/12/2009)
Going Home (4/12/2009))
Mrs. Kristi Sherburn God Sees The Heart (2/5/2012)
He Included Me (1/29/2012)
Open My Eyes (2/9/2012)
How Can I Fear With Jesus? (3/30/2014)
No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus (1/19/2014)
Singing I Go (8/31/2014)
Jesse and Kristi Sherburn All Your Anxiety (8/29/2010)
Mrs. Kristi Sherburn and Mrs. Cynthia Morrow Holy, Holy, Holy (12/8/2013)
Amazing Grace (2/2/2014)
Mrs. Tammy Tooley I Know A Man Who Can (10/14/2009)
Tommy Miles Family 3-Song Medley (4/5/2009)
WIBC Choir/Congregation Singing Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (4/20/2014)
In My Heart There Rings A Melody (5/18/2014)
I'd Rather Have Jesus (3/16/2014)
Look And Live (10/19/2014)
Jesus Is Coming Soon (4/12/2009)
A Shelter In The Time Of Storm (5/17/2009)
Marching To Zion (5/17/2009)
Brethren We Have Met To Worship (5/17/2009)
Come Thou Fount (5/17/2009)
What A Friend We Have In Jesus (5/17/2009)
Blessed Assurance (5/24/2009)
I Know That My Redeemer Liveth (5/24/2009)
My Faith Has Found A Resting Place (5/24/2009)
The Old Rugged Cross (5/24/2009)
The Old Time Religion (5/24/2009)
Bro. Larry Holloway Face To Face (10/12/2008)
There Rose A Lamb (10/12/2008)
Peace In The Valley (10/26/2008)
It's Suppertime (10/26/2008)
Tell Me The Story Of Jesus (10/26/2008)
Bro. George & Mrs. Donna Kay McDowell Now I Have Everything (9/28/2008)
Peggy & Sarah Wigley, Robert Jenkins, Jerry Morris Canaanland Is Just In Sight (9/17/2008)
Peggy, Sarah, Olivia (piano) He Is More Precious Than Gold (7/6/2008)
Peggy and Sarah Wigley Somebody Loves Me (9/7/2008)
Just As Sun Went Down (10/5/2008)
Bros. Aaron and Jonathan Curtis I Don't Have To Wonder / I Am Crucified With Christ, Yet I Live (8/31/2008)
Jesus Was Guilty Of Loving Me (4/12/2009)
Resurrection Morning (4/12/2009)
Bro. Jonathan Curtis There Is A River (7/13/2008)
He Came Looking For Me (7/27/2008)
I Take Him Back (7/30/2008)
The Old Man Is Dead (8/10/2008)
His Life For Mine (9/24/2008)
Ms. Wanda Wigley Midnight Cry (7/20/2008)
Stand Still And Let God Move (8/17/2008)
My House Is Full (,But My Field Is Empty) (10/19/2008)